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Mobile devices could last a month on a single charge

By changing the way processors see data, researchers say they can prolong battery life in mobile computing devices.

Intel to revamp China operations, will close Shanghai plant

Intel plans to close a chip factory in Shanghai as part of its plan to revamp China operations.

Intel to shut four plants, lay off 6,000

Chip-maker Intel is slashing prices, closing plants, and laying off employees after a bad financial quarter.

The Mac at 25: Processors

With the Mac approaching its 25th birthday, what does the future hold for the processors that power our favorite computers? Quite a lot, Rik Myslewski says.

Intel cuts quad-core chip prices by 40 percent

Intel on Monday slashed chip prices by up to 48 percent.

AMD to cut 1,100 jobs and slash salaries across company

Chip maker AMD will layoff 1,100 workers and cut salaries as tries to reduce costs in a tough economic environment, the company said.

Semiconductor sales dropped more sharply in November

The decline in semiconductor sales accelerated in November, an industry body reported Friday.

Intel releases quad-core notebook processor

Intel has released a new series of mobile chips, including a quad-core processor. Could these be MacBook bound?

Snow Leopard pulling into Grand Central

Apple's latest trademark may show us where it's concentrating with Snow Leopard.

iPod touch thrashes the iPhone when it comes to gaming

It turns out that the current iPod touch’s processor runs on a faster clock speed than the iPhone or the original iPod touch, making games run much better.