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Intel smartphone ambitions stunted by Nokia withdrawal

Nokia's move to the Windows Phone OS took the "wind" out of possible volume sales of Intel smartphone chips this year, but the chip maker has moved on, Intel CEO Paul Otellini says.

iPhone 5 expected to boast same dual-core A5 chip as iPad 2

Coders plunged into the iOS 4.3 firmware Apple has released ahead of the iPad 2 launch and found clues that the next iPhone will sport the same dual-core A5 processor featured in the new tablet.

Apple's iPhone could be next to get dual-core A5 chip

After making its first appearance in the iPad 2, the next stop for Apple's A5 chip could be in the next version of the iPhone, where it would bring a significant...

Intel to ship 10-core Xeon processor in first half of '11

An Intel spokesman on Thursday said its upcoming 10-core Xeon processor, code-named Westmere-EX, will reach servers in the first half of this year.

Tablets to be supercharged by quad-core chips

Just as tablets with dual-core processors start to hit shelves, chip makers are now shipping samples of quad-core chips that could make the devices even faster.

HP delays shipments of laptops with Intel's new chips

Hewlett-Packard has delayed plans to launch new laptops with Intel's latest Core processors, just a few days after HP stopped making PCs that previously paired the chips with Intel's faulty chipset.

Intel to ship dual-core Sandy Bridge chips on Feb. 20

Intel will start shipping its dual-core Core i5 and i7 microprocessors based on the Sandy Bridge architecture for laptops starting on Feb. 20.

Intel finds design flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset

Intel on Monday said it had stopped shipments of the chipset used with its latest generation of Core processors after it found a design flaw.

Famous Apple chip studied by digital archaeologists

A team of chip archaeology enthusiasts is making headway on ‘imaging’ for posterity the hugely-influential but now little-understood MOS 6502 chip that almost...

What Intel's Sandy Bridge can offer

Intel today formally unveiled its line of Sandy Bridge chips at the Consumer Electronics Show. So, what do the new chips offer users?