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App Guide: iPad note-takers

With any of these apps installed on your iPad, you can jot down notes as easily as you would with a pen and paper.

Clear for iPhone

This task management app employs some nonconventional iOS interface elements, which are cleverly implemented and fun to use. But the app's simplicity may hamper its overall effectiveness at helping you get things done.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notes and Reminders

We take a sneak peek at two iOS flavored apps that are making the move to the Mac in this summer's Mac OS X Mountain Lion update -- Notes and Reminders.

Habits Pro for iPhone and iPad

There's little to recommend this habits tracker, which bogs you down into details instead of helping you meet your goals.

Nag for iPhone

This simple iPhone app uses alarms to keep you on task and bolster your productivity.

Readdle adds Remarks to growing field of note-taking apps

Readdle has launched Remarks, a new note-taking app for the iPad. The application lets users share notes with collaborators or view the documents as PDFs on their home computer.

Wunderkit offers collaborative project management on Mac, iOS

Wunderkit, a collaborative getting-things-done web-based application for Mac and iOS, has emerged from beta testing and is available to the public.

Less than perfect apps

At Macworld | iWorld, a panel of experts looks at their favorite apps, focusing on ways they're flawed and how those flaws could be fixed.

Expo Notes: Omni Group shows off iPad version of OmniPlan

Project managers rejoice! The Omni Group has announced a full-featured iPad version of its project management software.

Expo Notes: Gather online financial statements with FileThis Fetch

FileThis hopes to make the paperless office more of a reality with FileThis Fetch, a new online service that helps gather and organize your financial statements.