Don't-Miss Stories

WritePad for iPhone and iPad

Available in separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, this app does a pretty good job of taking your handwritten notes and converting them into text, though not without a few quirks.

iA Writer is a solid no-distraction writing tool

If iA Writer's minimalism agrees with you, you may find that it frees your mind to do what the best writing tools are designed for: writing.

LogMeIn offers free remote control of your computer

LogMeIn has long provided iOS users with remote access to their computer desktops, and now it's doing so for free with a new app.

Skitch offers image annotation on iPad

iPad users looking to annotate and share pictures, maps, and webpages from their tablet now have Skitch, a new tool from Evernote.

Vocal app uses your iPhone 4S to control your Mac

A new $2 app for the iPhone 4S lets you use your phone to dictate to and control your Mac.

App Gems: Top communication apps

From coming up with ideas to relaying them to others, we pick a trio of iOS favorites -- iThoughtsHD, Textastic, and Tweetbot -- that help you get your message out.

App Gems: Top productivity apps

Two of our favorite iOS productivity tools improve upon built-in apps that Apple includes with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The other two add new capabilities to your mobile device.

Microsoft releases OneNote app for iPad

Microsoft today released an update to its OneNote application for iOS that it said has been tweaked for the iPad.

Notability for iPad

This iPad note-taker is so chock-full of features, it does the work of up to four other apps.

AccountEdge 2012 gets redesign, mileage tracking, and more

Acclivity is ringing in the new year early with the release of AccountEdge 2012, the latest version of the company's small business accounting software.