Don't-Miss Stories

Dragon Express 1.0: An inexpensive way to discover speech recognition

Dragon Express provides a handy, easy-to-use way to dictate occasional texts and transfer them to your applications

OmniOutliner for iPad

From its emphasis on speedy outline creation to its ability to work deeply within outlines without having to pass it off to the Mac, the iPad version of The Omni Group's outline tool gets the job done.

Alfred launcher app hits version 1.0

Running with Crayons has released version 1.0 of its launcher utility, Alfred.

Doxie scanner adds Auto Adjust, software updates

Apparent on Monday released a new version of its Doxie scanner software, adding an Auto Adjust feature, which automatically determines contrast, cropping, and rotation settings for scanned documents.

Keeper HD for iPad

This simple-but-effective note-taking app stands out from the built-in Notes offering in many ways. But it has one notable shortcoming that may cause you to stick with your iPad's default note-taking option.

Day One is a polished journaling tool

Bloom Built has put together a polished journaling tool for storing your personal thoughts and experiences.

Next for iPad

While easy to understand and use, this iPad task manager sometimes leaves you wishing it had a few more bells and whistles to really help you get things done.

Mailing Desk for iPad

This Gmail and Google Apps client for the iPad offers an elegant standalone interface to Google’s offerings. It's certainly worth a try if you use Google's tools.

Bare Bones Software BBEdit 10.1 is a robust and full-featured text editor

New users will find plenty to like in the new BBEdit 10.1 text editor, especially users who are outside of BBEdit’s core constituency of programmers. . But if you’re a codehead, you get better ways to work with your code. Everybody wins.

QuickCal makes it easy to add to and view your calendars

Looking for an easier way to add events and tasks to your calendars, and to get a quick overview of your schedule? QuickCal is an inexpensive solution.