Don't-Miss Stories

Adobe announces Digital Publishing Suite

Adobe's cloud-based Digital Publishing Suite is announced at Adobe's MAX conference.

Remains of the Day: Washington comes to Mr. Jobs

As we come around to the bleary light of day we find that Adobe's making a play for HTML5, Hulu's still trying to make inroads with paying customers, and Steve Jobs is making friends in high places.

What happened to iWeb?

There are brand new features iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand in iLife '11, but sadly, nothing for iWeb. Does this mean iLife's Web page-building tool is now on the iDVD path to nowhere?

PrinterPro offers early iPad printing capabilities

Paid app from Readdle beats Apple to the punch by offering wireless printing weeks ahead of the iOS 4.2 update for iPad.

Why book publishing needs the Silicon Valley way

The book publishing industry is in trouble and Computerworld's Mike Elgan thinks Silicon Valley thinking is just what the doctor ordered.

Imagining iLife '11

It's a safe bet that Apple will unveil a new version of its iLife suite at its press event next week. What's less certain is what new features Apple will add to its photo, video, music, and Website management tools. But that's not going to stop David Chartier from dreaming big.

HTML5: What does it mean for you?

We've all heard a lot about HTML5, and it seems to mean different things for different people. David Chartier navigates these confusing concepts and emerges with a clear picture of HTML5 and what it means to you.

Adobe updates BrowserLab with Safari 5 support, Firebug add-on

Adobe has released an update for BrowserLab, its hosted service that lets Web developers quickly preview Websites in different browsers and operating systems. The update adds Safari 5 support, an add-on for Firebug, and a new comparison tool called Smart Align.

Getting the most out of InDesign printing

Printing from pro apps doesn't have to be mysterious. Jay Nelson walks us through the ins and outs of the InDesign CS5 print panel.

Pixelmator to add support for Google's WebP image format

Google released a new image format, called WebP, designed to replace the dominant JPG with smaller file sizes and more features that benefit just about everyone--regular users, designers, photographers, publishers, and Web hosts. Pixelmator claims that a forthcoming update to its photo editor this week will the world's first to fully support Google's new format.