Don't-Miss Stories

iWeb update polishes comments, search

Apple on Tuesday released iWeb 3.0.2, available for download via Apple's Website or Software Update.

HTML5 may help Web pages talk, listen

The World Wide Web Consortium is investigating integrating speech capabilities into the Web standard.

Blogo 1.3

Blogo 1.3 is a versatile blog editing application that goes the extra mile by offering features you won’t find in similar applications.

iScrapbook 3.0.4

iScrapbook 3 places this software into a whole new realm by offering a universe of free and enhanced templates, page and album designs, and artwork you can use to create own pages.

PopChar X 5.0

Numerous improvements and fixes grace the new version of PopChar. Here's our review.

Quickly view sites at different resolutions with Resize

Resize is a simple, $5 Safari Extension that lets Web developers quickly view Websites at different resolutions.

Freeway 5.5 get new gallery, template, and site tools

Web design apps Freeway Express and Freeway Pro got a major update, adding templates, site plug-ins, and more CSS layout tools.

Qumana 3.2.4

Java-based blog editing application offers cross-platform editing tools, but is limited.

Ecto 3.0.2

Ecto 3.0.2 is an great blog editing application and one that in many ways is more convenient than the Web-interface for your blog.


Tumblr is easy to use and customize, feature-rich, and offers a lot of latitude for posts and pictures.