Don't-Miss Stories

Macworld Pundit Showdown IX

Join Andy Ihnatko, Adam Engst, John Moltz, Dan Moren, and guest host Jason Snell as the pundits vie for points.

Mac Pundit Showdown VIII

Pundits Lex Friedman, Dan Moren, Serenity Caldwell, and Jason Snell vie for points granted by host Philip Michaels.

Macworld Pundit Showdown VII

The brightest minds in the Mac universe once again show off their punditry prowess in a competition that forces them to weigh in on Mac current events.

Macworld Pundit Showdown VI

It's a four-way battle for pundit supremacy as Jason Snell, Christopher Breen, James Galbraith, and Tim Moynihan trade insights and barbs over the iPad, iPhone 4.0, and other tech news.

Mac Pundit Showdown V: Tournament of Champions

We wrap up 2009, with a trio of Macworld editors battling to come up with snappy answers to stupid questions in the latest edition of Mac Pundit Showdown.

Mac Pundit Showdown IV

Philip Michaels welcomes Roman Loyola, PC World's Nick Mediati, and Wired's Mat Honan to our showcase of punditry. Our least informative episode yet! Guest appearance by Jason "Kanye" Snell.

Mac Pundit Showdown III

Macworld's erratic game-show podcast format returns, with host Philip Michaels and contestants Dan Frakes, Roman Loyola, and Chris Holt getting points for Mac punditry.

Mac pundit showdown

We gather three Mac pundits who watched all the happenings at Macworld Expo last week and pit them in a spirited competition. Please, no wagering.

Macworld Fighting Talk

We thought the BBC’s Fighting Talk format would be a great way to look back at the year in Macs. So join Philip Michaels and panelists Jason Snell, Christopher Breen, and Roman Loyola as we pay homage to a great radio program with our own edition of Macworld Fighting Talk.