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Why Mavericks' movies may not preview properly

If you're running Mavericks, have selected a movie file, pressed the space bar to preview it, and nothing good results, you're not alone. QuickTime and Quick Look are now far pickier about video codecs.

How to use iPhone 5s Slo-Mo videos on the Mac

Jason Snell shows you what happens when you import a Slo-Mo iPhone 5s movie to your Mac.

Getting started with QuickTime Player X

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen walks his pupils through QuickTime Player X's media playing, recording, and editing features.

How to capture your Mac's audio for free

Is something playing on your Mac that you'd like to record? Chris Breen shows you how to do just that without spending a nickel.

Bugs & Fixes: How to download iTunes movie trailers

Apple no longer offers the option to download movie trailers. Ted Landau reveals a way to work around this.

Seeking a simple movie editor? Try QuickTime Pro 7

QuickTime Player X is pretty, but as a video editor it's a complete zero. Go old school and get a copy of QuickTime Player Pro 7.

Bugs & Fixes: SandboxCleaner cleans up QuickTime component crashes

Boinx has released a tool to help with QuickTime component conflicts that may cause sandboxes applications to crash. Ted Landau explains.

Apple releases QuickTime 7.5

Monday's QuickTime 7.5 update fixes several security issues in Apple's multimedia software.

Some new MacBooks afflicted with QuickTime problems

Some new MacBooks are showing flickering problems with QuickTime MPEG-encoded videos.

Apple releases iTunes, QuickTime, and Front Row updates

Apple addressed some minor issues by updating iTunes, QuickTime, and Front Row.