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Six quick Safari tips

Ramp up your Web-browsing skills with these techniques for accelerating work in Safari 6.

Why some websites don't work properly in your favorite browser

It never fails: Sooner or later, all Web users find a site that refuses to work well with their browser of choice. It's easy to blame the developers -- but it's not always their fault.

Safari at 10: lasting impact on Apple's success

It's been ten years since Apple rolled out Safari, and love it or hate it, it's hard to argue that the browser hasn't played a key role in the company's success.

Remains of the Day: The war at home

Apple, Microsoft, and Google's battle for the home has begun in earnest; elsewhere, Apple's in a non-patentable pinch, Passbook is passing go, and you could have been reading this in Apple Freedom.

Four power tips for Safari 6

How often do you use your Web browser? If the answer is constantly, then a few choice tips could save you loads of time and trouble. Here are some for Apple's Safari 6.

Judge accepts $22.5 million Google fine in Safari privacy case

A U.S. judge has indicated she will accept the terms of a settlement deal between Google and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, in which Google will pay a $22.5 million fine for circumventing privacy protections in Apple's Safari browser.

Apple updates Aperture, iPhoto, Safari

Apple released minor updates to iPhoto, Aperture, and Safari on Friday, joining the company's earlier release of iOS 6.0.1.

Researchers: Steam URL protocol can be abused to exploit game vulnerabilities

Attackers can trick gamers into opening malicious steam:// URLs that exploit security issues in games to execute malicious code.

Changing Safari 6's default RSS reader

When opening your first RSS feed from within Safari 6 you chose one RSS reader application. You'd now like to use a different reader but Safari says "nuh uh." How do you go about changing it? Chris Breen reveals all.

Directly accessing the Downloads folder

Sure you can ask Safari to put your files on the Desktop, but with these Downloads folder shortcuts you may not need to.