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Mouse-only access to title bar icons in 10.5

Learn a simple way to access title bar icon menus (proxy icons) in Leopard.

Safari tips

Rob Griffiths covers a pair of tips for OS X's built-in browser and shows you how to run a newer version of Safari by updating to the last version of WebKit, the browser's rendering engine.

PayPal denies plan to block Safari

PayPal has denied claims it plans to lock Safari users out of its online payments service as it reinforces its protections against online credit fraud.

Apple alters Windows software update tool

Apple’s Software Update for Windows users now separates updates to already installed programs from new offerings—an apparent response to criticism over the way it was pushing Safari to Windows users.

PayPal to block users with old browsers to cut back phishing

PayPal plans to take the dramatic step of locking out people using older versions of Web browsers in order to stem phishing attacks.

Companies struggle as Safari pops up on networks

Administrators are concerned because Apple's Safari browser is popping up unexpectedly on their networks.

Easily create new tabs in Safari 3.1

Learn a simple mouse trick to create new empty tabs in Safari 3.1.

Review: Safari 3.1

The just-released 3.1 update to Safari adds features that offer a glimpse into the Web of the future. And as Web designers begin to add support for these elements, Safari will become progressively more useful and functional for typical users.

Analysts: Mozilla’s Safari complaints ‘much ado about nothing’

Industry analysts say there’s nothing unusual about the way Apple is distributing Safari updates to Windows users, despite complaints from the CEO of Mozilla about the practice.

Mozilla CEO: Apple wrong ‘pushing’ Safari to Windows users

Mozilla CEO John Lilly calls Apple's behavior of pushing Safari on Windows users wrong and "borders on malware distribution practices."