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Easily create new tabs in Safari 3.1

Learn a simple mouse trick to create new empty tabs in Safari 3.1.

Review: Safari 3.1

The just-released 3.1 update to Safari adds features that offer a glimpse into the Web of the future. And as Web designers begin to add support for these elements, Safari will become progressively more useful and functional for typical users.

Analysts: Mozilla’s Safari complaints ‘much ado about nothing’

Industry analysts say there’s nothing unusual about the way Apple is distributing Safari updates to Windows users, despite complaints from the CEO of Mozilla about the practice.

Mozilla CEO: Apple wrong ‘pushing’ Safari to Windows users

Mozilla CEO John Lilly calls Apple's behavior of pushing Safari on Windows users wrong and "borders on malware distribution practices."

Apple pushes Windows Safari via iTunes updater

As Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs promised last summer, Apple has begun leveraging its dominance in the music download business by pushing the Windows version of its Safari Web browser to iTunes and QuickTime users running XP or Vista.

1Password adds Safari 3.1 support

1Password, the password manager, now works with Safari 3.1 and has many other changes.

See all data when printing Safari 3 forms

Learn how to see everything you’ve typed in text boxes in Safari 3.

PayPal: Steer clear of Safari

If you're using Apple's Safari browser, PayPal has some advice for you: Drop it, at least if you want to avoid online fraud.