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iPhone remedies communication woes at Texas hospital

CIO looks at how Texas Children's Hospital implemented the iPhone as a way for its nurses to better communicate when moving from patient to patient.

The shuttle and the stuff of dreams

Jason Snell went to the space shuttle launch last week. Here are his notes on the experience.

App Guide: iPad anatomy apps

Need to bone up on your knowledge of the human body? These iPad-optimized apps are a great place to start.

Final Space Shuttle launch carries modified iPhone 4s, experimental app

The final Space Shuttle launch will include two slightly modified iPhone 4s bound for the International Space Station.

Apps help you follow Endeavour's last mission

Scholle Sawyer McFarland is in Florida as part of the NASA Tweetup to view the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour this Friday. She asked her fellow attendees for some of their favorite shuttle-related apps. Here's what they came up with.

iPad, iPhone get remote heart-monitoring app

GE Healthcare and Airstrip Technologies announced a new app for iPhones and iPads that allows physicians to see near-real-time readouts from electrocardiographs to remotely diagnose and treat heart patients.

Redshift -- Astronomy for iPhone and iPad

iOS device owners enjoy an embarrassment of riches when it comes to astronomy apps, and this universal app from USM adds another high-quality offering to the App Store.

Vicinno's scientific calculator released for the iPad, Mac

The professional calculator emulator can help science and math nerds get their variable on with an iPad or their Mac computer.

iPhones and Droids could speed medical tests, cut costs

Patients may soon be able to cut health care costs by running blood tests off their iPhones and Droids and having the results automatically forwarded to their doctors, according to new discoveries by researchers at the University of Rhode Island.

How schools are putting the iPad to work

Will the iPad herald a revolution in the classroom, displacing musty textbooks once and for all? Enterprising educators experimenting with Appleā€™s new tablet aim to find out.