Don't-Miss Stories

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Whether you’re a chemistry whiz or you can’t tell antimony from argon, The Elements is worth every penny.

One hundred iPads set for deployment at Calif. hospital

The business case for an iPad is clear in healthcare, a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the world's largest consumers of information technology. And a hospital in Visalia, Calif., is about to put Apple's devices into the hands of its staff.

Star Walk for iPhone

If you're interested in learning more about objects in space -- and the Earth's relation to them -- this is a great app to download. It's also intuitive enough for kids to easily navigate.

RLM Software puts its stamp on classic calculators

If you're a fan of classic financial and scientific calculators, check out the offerings from RLM Software. The developer takes HP's classic line of calculators and optimizes them for the iPhone and iPod touch.

MacPractice highlights updated practice management software

MacPractice is using this week's Macworld Expo to show off version 3.7 of its practice management and clinical software for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists.

Doctors interested in Apple's iPad; 1 in 5 plan to buy one

Epocrates surveyed 350 clinicians a few days after Apple announced the iPad and found that 22 percent plan to purchase the tablet within a year.

WolframAlpha for iPhone

This pricey but well done app delivers the same information you'd get for free from the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. But it does so in a format that's ideal for the iPhone and iPod touch. And the mobile app has the potential to be even more as the underlying technology of Alpha improves.

Planets for iPhone

Planets is a very cool quick pocket reference for anyone who is curious about the celestial objects they see in the sky.

The Planets for iPhone

You get a lot of information in this planetary reference guide, but not much in the way of usability.

NASA tweaks its iPhone app

NASA App 1.1 lets you track the positions of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle to see if you're in the vicinity for a visible sighting opportunity of either spacecraft, among other features and enhancements in the update.