Don't-Miss Stories

iCloud: Backup

With iCloud Backup, the data on your iOS device is backed up to the cloud automatically, when you're not using your device -- your backup is done without you even thinking about it.

Keep your Mac safe from Web security flaws

This year has seen numerous security breaches at the root infrastructure of Web privacy and security. How can regular users protect themselves? Glenn Fleishman has some expert suggestions.

Weblock 1.8.1

Weblock unlocks your ability to restrict access to files shared on Mac OS X's built-in Apache server. This allows you to put an authentication dialog on any directory being shared through your Web server or filter based on IP address.

Study: Top websites have an iPad preference

The top 500 websites are catering more to the iPad than they are to Android tablets, according to tests by Blaze Software.

iCloud breaks through at WWDC

Apple may have discussed three major topics at last week's WWDC keynote, but Dan Moren thinks that iCloud is unquestionably the farthest-reaching, and potentially the most important, of any of them.

Opinion: Why Apple scrapped MobileMe for iCloud

As Apple gets iCloud ready for a fall launch, Jackie Dove looks back on why the last incarnation of cloud-based services from Apple never really caught on.

Hitachi GST expands portable storage drives to cloud

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies on Tuesday introduced new Touro storage offerings that package local and online storage.

Frenzy turns Dropbox into a social-networking tool

Frenzy uses the file-sharing capabilities of Dropbox to provide a social networking interface.

Cyberduck 4 FTP client released for Mac and Windows

The popular open-source FTP program gets its fourth release version.

Mac IT Guy: the phantom printer

What happens when you disconnect a printer from the network, but one of your Macs still thinks it's there? Also: Connecting Macs to DFS.