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Mac IT Guy: Access Exchange from home

This week, readers have questions about fully integrating Macs into an Active Directory environment and troubleshooting Exchange e-mail connections from home.

SuperSync 4.0 makes it easier to sync iTunes libraries

A major upgrade to this Mac and PC sync client for iTunes makes it easier to import from more sources and scrounge the Web for media metadata.

How to make a solid Mac backup plan

We store much of our lives on our Macs and therefore we must back up those Macs. But what and how? Here are some answers.

Mac IT Guy: printer problems and DFS

What to do when OS X doesn't recognize a network printer. Also: Microsoft's Distributed File System is really cool; unfortunately, it's also inaccessible from a Mac unless you have some special software.

Use an old Mac as a backup server

So you got a new Mac for the holidays. What to do with your old Mac? Why not use it as a server for backup? Senior editor Christopher Breen shows how to set up a Mac as a backup server on your network.

Dropbox 1.0.10

Dropbox is an amazingly useful combination of a Web service and a Mac OS X program that work together to make your data accessible from anywhere and to keep it synchronized between your computers.

Which online backup service is right for you?

A slew of Web services offer affordable online backup for your Mac including Backblaze, Mozy, Carbonite, JungleDisk, Dropbox, and CrashPlan. These services are often simple to use as well: you install software from the service on your computer, and it backs up your files over the Internet.

Mozy 2.0 improves backup performance, interface

Mozy's updated online backup service, Mozy 2.0, features performance and stability increases, as well as new interface changes that make it easier and faster to run, monitor, and restore backups.

Use an old Mac as a backup server

If you have a houseful of Macs and at least one that's a little long in the tooth, put it to work as a backup server.

Apple discontinues the Xserve

Apple on Friday announced that the company will no longer make Xserves after January 31, 2011.