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Choosing between MobileMe and Google

MobileMe and Google offer similar capabilities, but which one is better? While there’s no single answer that’s right for everyone, Joe Kissel offers several factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

Sync data using MobileMe or Google

As soon as your collection of Apple devices running OS X or iOS expands to two or more, the issue of syncing personal data is bound to come up. Joe Kissel looks at how to make it work with both Apple's $99-a-year MobileMe and Google's free services.

Other sync options

Although the basic methods for syncing your data with MobileMe and Google are effective for most people, they aren’t the only means of keeping your data in sync between devices. Joe Kissel looks at a sampling of some of the other syncing products and services.

CloudApp file sharing service introduces Pro accounts

This service for sharing links, photos, and other files now offers a pro subscription option for heavy users. Pro perks include more generous file size limits and the option of using a custom domain when creating short URLs for sharing.

FarFinder returns to App Store under temporary new name

Earlier this year, Apple pulled this app from the App Store over an objection to the use of "Finder" in the name. Now it's been renamed FarSomething and readmitted into the store in anticipation of a 2.0 upgrade.

SugarSync introduces multi-user folder and file sync

This online storage, backup, and sharing service now allows users to not just share folders and files, but instantly sync them between all computers.

Pixelmator to add support for Google's WebP image format

Google released a new image format, called WebP, designed to replace the dominant JPG with smaller file sizes and more features that benefit just about everyone--regular users, designers, photographers, publishers, and Web hosts. Pixelmator claims that a forthcoming update to its photo editor this week will the world's first to fully support Google's new format.

Droplr sharing service gets an iPhone app

Droplr is a Web service and Mac client that makes it drop-dead simple to share media, text, and other files online. Its new iOS app brings this convenience and account management to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Dropbox announces iOS app update, App Directory

An upcoming Dropbox update for iPhone and iPad will bring a handful of new features, such as offline caching, HD video uploading, and multitasking under iOS 4. The company's new App Directory catalogs the growing number of apps that use its cloud file storage services.

Zulu plugin for FileMaker merges databases with iCal

FileMaker calendaring becomes easier with Zulu, which publishes FileMaker Server records directly into iCal and iOS devices.