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AFPStatus monitors File Sharing connections

If you allow other people in your office or home to connect to your Mac via File Sharing, AFPStatus is a handy way to track those connections.

Pirate Bay appeal judges not biased, says Swedish court

Sweden's Supreme Court has found that two of the judges scheduled to hear an appeal in the Pirate Bay case are unbiased, it ruled Wednesday.

Final Cut Server update contains a pair of fixes

Final Cut Server 1.5.2 fixes an issue that blocked use of a transcode setting for the Matrox CompressHD.264 encoding card. Another fix tackles an expiring Java certificate in the Final Cut Server Java Client.

Intel to launch eight-core Nehalem-EX this month

Intel will announce the eight-core Nehalem-EX chips this month, an Intel official said.

Up close: Google Docs online file storage

Google has added an upload option to its Google Docs, but not powerful.

Kerio MailServer becomes Kerio Connect 7

Kerio's critically acclaimed Kerio Connect (previously Kerio MailServer) has received a major upgrade to support businesses that require multiple groupware servers.

Promise Technology announces SmartStor Zero NS2600 NAS

Promise Technology has announced its new SmartStor Zero NS2600 network storage device, a “non-techie” consumer-focused two-bay network attached storage device and digital media server.

GoodNight sleeps your Mac after downloads

GoodNight can put your Mac to sleep when your download, or other network activity, is done.

Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4TB

Boasting a wealth of features and mirrored RAID 1 reliability, the StorCenter ix2-200 network-attached storage device brings Iomega’s signature usability to a high-end business environment.

10 obsolete technologies to kill in 2010

Some old-and-busted technologies die gracefully of natural causes. Pagers, PDAs, floppy disks -- they're gone, and good riddance.