Don't-Miss Stories

HP boosts Mac integration with new MediaSmart home servers

HP has introduced two new MediaSmart home servers with expanded Mac, iPhone and iPod integration.

QNAP offers two network storage devices for small business

QNAP now offers a new four-bay NAS designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

Backblaze gives away its 67TB ‘storage pod’ design

Cloud storage vendor Backblaze has revealed its design of the 67 terabyte "storage pods" it uses for its cloud storage system, enabling anyone with the gumption to create one themselves.

Online backup services

Glenn Fleishman looks at seven Web services that let you back up your files over the Internet.

Server vendors see sharp declines in shipments, revenue

This year continues to be tough for server vendors, which have seen dramatic declines in business, according to analysts IDC and Gartner.

Bing coming to iPhone apps

Microsoft on Thursday released an SDK that lets developers easily incorporate Bing in iPhone applications.

Iomega intros four-bay NAS

Iomega's new four-bay StorCenter NAS system works with Time Machine and comes with a host of its own software.

Bring Google Reader to your desktop with Gruml

Gruml is a beta client for Google Reader that is pretty interesting. Considering its competition, though, Gruml may need to dig deep roots into Mac OS X and other apps in order to turn heads.

Microsoft ships Entourage Web Services Edition

The new version of Entourage switches from the WebDAV protocol to Exchange Web Services, which should lead to a faster, more reliable performance.

HP MediaSmart Server LX195

HP’s MediaSmart Server LX195 is a very cleverly designed home media server, but you need Windows to get it up and running and for continued maintenance.