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The Macalope Daily: Writing bad

Is Apple just like a popular television show?! Well ... no!

Apple's U.S. share of smartphones grows to 33.4 percent

Apple's iPhone share of U.S. smartphone subscribers bumped upward 2 percentage points from May through July, giving it 33.4 percent of the market, according to online tracking and analytics firm comScore.

What could be on tap at Apple's Sept. 12 press event

As the technology world at large now knows, Apple will host a special media event on September 12 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The next version of the iPhone is likely to be the star of the show, but Macworld's staff ruminates on what other surprises the event might bring.

The Macalope Daily: Journalismriffic

Ah, coverage of the Apple vs. Samsung trial. Is there nothing you can get wrong?

HP releases two beta versions of open-source webOS

Hewlett-Packard has released two beta versions of its open source webOS -- one for developers that runs on the Ubuntu Linux desktop, and one intended to help developers port webOS to new devices

The Macalope Daily: Pre-hated for your convenience

Why wait to hate? Pundits are lining up to get in their licks in on the iPhone 5 right now.

Apple takes aim at Samsung's Galaxy S III in amended patent complaint

Shortly after a major win against Samsung in a federal court in California, Apple added products including versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III in an amended patent infringement complaint against its rival.

The Macalope Weekly: The sincerest form of jerkery

Samsung copied Apple? Pff! Whaa? Get out! Stop it! Go on!

The Macalope Daily: Predictable

Always-wrong John Dvorak is back, and guess who he thinks won the Apple v. Samsung trial? It's not hard.

The Macalope Daily: The moral of the story

Apple is weak, Google is strong. Of course.