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US may ease up on in-flight use of electronics

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is taking a new look at the use of portable electronics on airplanes, seeking public comments starting this week and...

Google: Apple-Samsung decision has little effect on Android

The jury's decision last week in the landmark Samsung-Apple patent battle doesn't relate to the core of the Android mobile operating system, according to Google.

ITC clears Apple of infringement of three Motorola patents, holds decision on fourth

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled Friday that Apple did not infringe three of Motorola Mobility's patents, while remanding the investigation into a fourth claim.

The Macalope Daily: Winners and losers

Who's the big winner in the Apple v. Samsung case? Would you believe Samsung?! No? Yeah, neither would the Macalope.

China's smartphone shipments overtake feature phones earlier than expected

China's smartphone shipments surpassed those of feature phones for the first time ever during the second quarter.

Expert: Quick verdict in Apple trial doesn't mean jury shirked its duty

It may have been surprising that the jury in the Samsung-Apple trial returned a verdict after just three days of deliberations, but Roy Futterman, director at DOAR Litigation Consulting and a clinical psychologist who works on trial strategies and the mindset of jurors, says it appeared that the nine-person panel did its job.

The Macalope Weekly: Early reviews

It's never too early to talk about Apple products that don't exist as if they do exist.

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means to you

Samsung might have lost dramatically in its patent fight with Apple, but in the long term the decision could mean consumers win.

Apple scores big win in Samsung patent case

A nine-person jury found that Samsung did indeed violate Apple patents and ordered the smartphone maker to pay Apple a little more than $1 billion in damages.

iPhone banned in Korean patent trial verdict

A South Korea court has adjudged that Apple and Samsung both violated one another's design patents, and issued fines and bans to both companies.