Don't-Miss Stories

AT&T takes on texting while driving

The carrier's 'It Can Wait' campaign aims to inform users, especially teenagers, about the dangers of texting while driving, reinforcing government and industry efforts to curb the practice.

Remains of the Day: Tabloid entertainment

The (putatively) true Hollywood story behind Apple's acquisition of AuthenTec, a (possible) sneak preview of the new iPhone dock-connector port, and the judge in the Apple-Samsung case exposes a troubling drug habit (sort of).

The Macalope Daily: Every time I think I'm out

No rest for the mythical.

Watchdog group: Samsung supplier in China uses underage workers

A Samsung supplier in China allegedly employs workers under the age of 16, according to a labor watchdog group, which found the student workers earn about US$1 an hour.

Verizon Wireless reveals 20GB shared data plan, and four others

Verizon Wireless Tuesday revealed that there are five additional data tiers over and above the six tiers announced with its Share Everything plans earlier this summer.

Talk of a Sept. 12 iPhone launch triggers trade-in flurry

Speculation about a Sept. 12 announcement of a new iPhone triggered a 70 percent jump in the number of owners trying to unload their current smartphones, according to eBay.

Samsung: Apple pushed expert witnesses to change their minds

As part of an Australian trial, Samsung accused Apple of improperly influencing expert witnesses on Monday, following the amendment of an expert report delivered to the Korean company's legal team over the weekend.

Trial with Samsung reveals Apple's 7-inch iPad vision, 'Purple Project'

Among the testimony to come out of the Samsung-Apple trial last week: Apple considered developing a car or a camera after seeing the iPod's success, and in early 2011 one of its top executives recommended making a 7-inch iPad.

Judge rejects Apple's punishment against Samsung

The judge in Apple's patent-infringement suit against Samsung Electronics turned down Apple's request to impose harsh sanctions against Samsung for distributing inadmissible court exhibits to some media outlets. Friday's session also saw testimony from Apple executives Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall.

Apple asks court to punish Samsung for releasing documents in iPhone suit

Apple will ask a federal court to sanction Samsung Electronics for releasing documents that were not allowed as evidence in the companies' dueling patent infringement suits.