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The Macalope Daily: Acquisition fetishism

Oh, yeah. Apple should buy Facebook. Mmm. That's good.

Weekly Wrap: Tim Cook, a WWDC keynote, and a whole lot of how-to's

Tim Cook shed some light on Apple's future plans, the Mac App Store sandboxing deadline arrived, and we offered up a boatload of how-to articles during the last seven days.

Twitter user growth slows but engagement grows

Twitter may not be gaining new U.S. users as fast as it used to, but the users it has are much more engaged, according to a a report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Ping: What went wrong

At the D10 Conference this week, Apple's Tim Cook all but said that the company's music-centric social networking service is dead. Chris Breen offers his two cents on what put it in the ground.

How Facebook could integrate with iOS, OS X

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday at the All Things D conference that the company's users should "stay tuned" regarding its plans for Facebook integration. Lex Friedman mulls over what we can expect.

Google fuels local search with Zagat reviews

Google on Wednesday unveiled a tool that promises to make it easier for people on the run to find the perfect restaurant.

Rumored Facebook purchase of spotlights facial recognition technology

Facebook may buy facial recognition services provider, underscoring the importance of that technology in social applications.

Gartner predicts huge rise in monitoring of employees' social media use

A new study by market-research firm Gartner claims corporations are starting to embrace technologies used to monitor employee Internet use, with 60 percent expected to watch workers' social media use for security breaches by 2015.

Experts question the need for a Facebook smartphone

Mobile technology will play an important role for Facebook as it tries to find new sources of revenue, but building its own device doesn't make much sense since since competition in the smartphone market continues to be very tough, according to analysts.

Report: Facebook bolsters efforts to build smartphone

Facebook is revitalizing its effort to create a smartphone, recruiting engineers who have experience with mobile devices, according to a weekend story in the New York Times.