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Review: Libratone Zipp is the portable AirPlay speaker to beat

The Libratone Zipp is stylish, offers excellent sound, and allows you to configure ad-hoc AirPlay networks when no other Wi-Fi is available. The only real catch is that such great features come at a price.

The Week in iOS Accessories: New ideas for music lovers

This week’s roundup of accessories for the iPhone and iPad contains more than a few new ideas for music lovers. Who says accessories have to be boring?

Review: HiddenRadio speaker is clever but disappointing

The Hidden Radio is clever, cute, and very portable. But its sound quality and usability are disappointing.

Review: Altec Lansing's InAir 5000 is an impressive AirPlay speaker system

The inAir 5000 from Altec Lansing is an excellent AirPlay speaker system that's easy to recommend.

The Week in iOS Accessories: iPhone 5 (and cuteness)

It didn’t take long for iOS accessory makers to react to the launch of the iPhone 5. Sure, the new phone is a little longer than its predecessors--and yes, it has that new dock connector that’s incompatible with every previous generation of accessories--but there’s still gold in them thar accessory hills. This week’s roundup features iPhone 5 gear, things for your older iPhone, and some of the cutest accessories we’ve ever seen.

CableJive Lightning adaptor connects iPhone 5 to older speaker docks

CableJive has announced an adapter kit that makes it possible to connect the iPhone 5 to audio docks made for Apple's older 30-pin connectors.

Review: Fluance FiSDK500 speaker dock offers good sound, attractive design

Fluance FiSDK50 Two-way High Performance Wood Speaker Dock Music System for iPod/iPhone is a big, serious-looking system. It sounds good, too.

New Apple EarPods aim to improve on headphones of old

Apple on Wednesday announced the immediate availability of new headphones called EarPods, which the company says are designed to better fit in your ears.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Microscopes and cassettes?

This week’s roundup of accessories offers items to make music, keep your hands warm, look at tiny things, and keep track of your Apple TV. Oh, and play your old mix tapes on your iPhone.

The Week in iOS Accessories: See hear!

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories includes stuff that will help you make movies, charge your iOS devices, listen to music, and more.