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The Week in iOS Accessories: Mr. Roboto

This week’s roundup of new iOS accessories includes our first hint that iPhones will lead the forthcoming robot uprising.

Vanatoo Transparent One speakers offer flexible input, clean sound

Newcomers to the speaker world, Vanatoo have released a solid set of bookshelf-style powered speakers that will accommodate just about any variety of input.

BeQuiet keeps your Mac's speakers muted

BeQuiet ensures that your Mac's external speakers stay muted, which is especially helpful when working in a quiet environment.

Audioengine's A5+ is a fun, affordable speaker system

Audioengine's A5+ is a punchy, enjoyable pair of self-powered, bookshelf-size speakers that, at $399, won't break the bank.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Full-body fun

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories includes gear for your hands, help for your wrists, and music for your ears.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Making movies

This week's roundup of iOS accessories features several add-ons for making great-looking movies, as well as new offerings to help you listen to music and draw pretty pictures.

TechHive: How speakers work

We often take it for granted that sound just comes out of speakers, but how they work is interesting -- and important to their placement.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Big fan, big fan

Just when we think we’ve seen everything, we come across an iOS accessory that helps us keep our cool. That and more in this week's roundup of new iOS accessories.

Geneva Sound System Model XS offers big sound despite small size

Geneva's Sound System Model XS is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker system with a built-in alarm clock that sticks to the company's unique design aesthetic.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Driving and biking

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories features products for drivers, bikers, and recyclers.