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Organize and play your media from a NAS

If you have multiple computers, iOS devices, and media players in your home, it's likely your media is a mess--scattered from one end of your home to the other. With the aid of a NAS and these tips, you can cull, organize, and play that content on any device you own.

When a cloud service vanishes: How to protect your data

More and more, we rely on Web services as a matter of course. The key word is rely: We assume that the data we upload to, say, a photo-hosting account or blog will be there. But what happens when a service is shut down?

62 things you can do with Dropbox

We asked readers, "How do you use Dropbox?" We were flooded with replies. Boiled down, here are their top tips.

Apple confirms iWeb hosting, iDisk to end in 2012

Apple on Friday published a new MobileMe transition FAQ, detailing upcoming changes as the company moves to iCloud. iDisk, iWeb hosting,and Galleries will end in June 2012.

Hitachi announces G-Connect storage, backup, wireless-access device

Hitachi on Wednesday announced the G-Connect, a portable accessory that functions as iOS file storage, a Time Machine-ready portable hard drive, and a wireless access point in one compact package.

Carbonite launches flat-rate online backup for small biz

Carbonite's small business solutions charges a flat rate of $229 per year for 250GB of storage.

Remains of the Day: iCloud, therefore I am

Apple's rumored cloud service may have a moniker, two controversial iOS games battle with the App Store, and the white iPhone may actually not be identical to its black counterpart.

Dropbox addresses privacy concerns

After updating its terms of service, cloud-storage service Dropbox found itself under fire for privacy and security issues, raising the question of who exactly has access to your files.

13in macbookpro thumb 2011

How an SSD affects the 13-inch 2.3GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro's performance

Macworld Lab tests the 13-inch 2.3GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro with an SSD instead of a hard drive. How much of a performance gain does the SSD provide?

Remains of the Day: Crazy talk

If you're going to walk the crazy walk, you'd better talk the crazy talk. Microsoft loses a valuable cloud player, Apple doesn't want to know what you're surfing on the Web, and one man makes, bakes, and takes the whole crazy cake.