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Remains of the Day: iCloud, therefore I am

Apple's rumored cloud service may have a moniker, two controversial iOS games battle with the App Store, and the white iPhone may actually not be identical to its black counterpart.

Dropbox addresses privacy concerns

After updating its terms of service, cloud-storage service Dropbox found itself under fire for privacy and security issues, raising the question of who exactly has access to your files.

13in macbookpro thumb 2011

How an SSD affects the 13-inch 2.3GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro's performance

Macworld Lab tests the 13-inch 2.3GHz Core i5 MacBook Pro with an SSD instead of a hard drive. How much of a performance gain does the SSD provide?

Remains of the Day: Crazy talk

If you're going to walk the crazy walk, you'd better talk the crazy talk. Microsoft loses a valuable cloud player, Apple doesn't want to know what you're surfing on the Web, and one man makes, bakes, and takes the whole crazy cake.

Remains of the Day: The play on words's the thing

Apple's getting ready to send a small team to the cloud, Foxconn may put down roots in Brazil, and RIM is on the defensive. Again.

Microsoft Live Mesh

This online storage service works fine for informal use, but its relative paucity of storage and inability to retain earlier versions of files makes it less attractive for groups.


Online storage service syncs Google Docs with computers, the cloud.

Remains of the Day: So sue me

Amazon does an about face on licenses for cloud music, and we go three for three in matters legal, including an eye-rolling patent suit against Apple and a surprise antitrust complaint.

Remains of the Day: Get off of my cloud

Amazon girds its loins for battle with the music industry, Microsoft throws the book at Apple (namely, the dictionary), and the iPad 2 suffers another ignominious teardown.

Cortado Workplace iOS app now offers local encryption

Cortado Workplace is the first app on the App Store to provide protected encryption for the iPhone and iPad.