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Jam on your iOS device with the Woodees iPic Stylus

The Woodees $15 iPic Stylus is a quirky pick-and-rubber-nib hybrid designed to aid users in their quest to become digital music masters.

Ten One releases Pogo Sketch Pro stylus

Ten One Design started the iOS stylus craze with the Pogo Sketch; now, the company’s attempting to top its previous offerings with The Pogo Sketch Pro.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus is sleek and stylish

Wacom's Bamboo Stylus is one of the pricier touchscreen styluses on the market, but the company isn't simply resting on the laurels of its brand recognition. The Bamboo Stylus is comfortable, well-balanced, and works well for both drawing and writing.

Drawing on the iPad: 12 touchscreen styluses reviewed

Steve Jobs may hate the idea of using a stylus on his touchscreen devices, but there are times an intermediary accessory just works better than your fingertip. We've tested several of the stylus offerings on the market and gathered our results together for an old-fashioned review roundup.

Wacom announces Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Looking for an iPad stylus? As of Wednesday, you have yet another option to consider: The Bamboo Stylus for iPad, created by the fine folks at Wacom.

Nomad Brush iPad paintbrush stylus released

For artists seeking an external tool to interact with their iPad, foam- and silicon-nib styluses have largely been the only way to go. This week, however, the field widened with the introduction of the Nomad Brush, a capacitive stylus that resembles a paintbrush.

Hard Candy Cases offers Candy stylus and pen for iPad

Hard Candy Cases has introduced the Candy Stylus for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Not only is it a stylus, the accessory also doubles as a pen.