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ChronoSync is a full-featured and powerful utility for synchronizing files and folders between volumes or computers.

How to configure Dropbox's two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is all the rage these days, after high-profile security breaches. File-syncing service Dropbox is offering a preview build that lets users enable the feature, and Dan Moren shows you how to set it up.

MobileMe rides into the sunset on Sunday

As the era of MobileMe draws to a close, we review the alternatives to some of its historical cloud services that will—and won't—be making the trip to iCloud.

Improved iWork file sharing coming in Mountain Lion

Ted Landau has often noted that sharing an iWork file between a Mac and an iOS device via iCloud doesn't work very well. Mountain Lion figures to change that.

Dropbox: File storage and syncing service is always evolving

Dropbox was an early offering in the online storage/file sync field, and you can rely on Dropbox to deliver the simplicity of always having files up to date everywhere

Ask the iTunes Guy: Metadata, sorting, and sharing

The iTunes Guy answers questions about metadata, sorting, and sharing.

Sync services gone crazy!

If your Mac is being bogged down by syncing and you're using Microsoft's Entourage or Outlook, Chris Breen has a way to stop the bogging.

Ask the iTunes Guy: Syncing tips

The iTunes Guy answers questions about syncing iOS devices with iTunes.

Set up Google Calendar, Contacts on your iPad

Google Contacts and Calendar can sync automatically with your iPad. Dan Moren walks you through setting it up.

TechHive: Hands on with Dropbox's new features

Dropbox added new sharing features this week. Over at the TechHive Beta Blog, Glenn Fleishman offers a guided tour of what's new with Dropbox.