Don't-Miss Stories

Mariner's MacJournal comes to the iPhone

MacJournal is a popular rich-media journaling and blogging client for the Mac. Now it's made a 1.0 debut on the iPhone, complete with blogging and syncing with its big brother.

TextExpander 3 saves you from more tedious typing

This new version of SmileOnMyMac's time-saving text snippet tool gains faster tools, search, more powerful options for customizing snippets on the fly, and easier ways to sync one's snippet library between Macs.

Sync data with Macs, iPhones using Google

If you don't want to spend the money for MobileMe just to be able to sync contacts and calendars among various Macs and iPhones, you can get the same results for free using Google.

Zagat To Go 3 app offers augmented reality and offline sync

Zagat has released Zagat To Go 3.0, the latest version of its iPhone app. Zagat now includes augmented reality and offline sync, allowing access Zagat content without Wi-Fi or mobile reception.

Carbonite launches iPhone app for for mobile file access

Carbonite has announced the release of an iPhone application that allows users to browse, view and share backed up files on the move at anytime.

Sony to launch first TransferJet devices this week

TransferJet, a Sony-developed short-range wireless system, will be launched this weekend in Japan and from February overseas.

Sync iCal tasks to your iPhone with these apps

Is your iPhone or iPod touch not feeling so "smart" since it can't sync or even manage tasks out-of-the-box? Here are four apps with which to get your productivity on.

Sync documents to Google Docs with MemeoConnect

MemeoConnect allows users to sync their documents with Google Docs; it's targeted in particular towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Dropbox for iPhone

This mobile component to the online syncing and storage service is missing a few features. But overall, it packs enough functionality to be a worthwhile app for Dropbox users.

Understand the iPhone backup

During a sync, iTunes not only syncs managed information and media, but also creates or updates an iPhone backup. The main function of the backup is to permit you to restore personal data and settings to your iPhone during a Restore. In this excerpt from Take Control of iPhone OS 3, Ted Landau takes a closer look at the process of backing up and restoring your iPhone's data.