Don't-Miss Stories

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4

Once you set it up, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4 will do the job for syncing a variety of types of data from a Windows Mobile 4 smartphone with your Mac.

SyncMate Expert 2.4

Sync your Mac to multiple devices, including Windows Mobile.

Palm updates WebOS -- without iTunes sync

iTunes syncing is conspicuously absent from the latest update to Palm's WebOS, signaling a possible end to the back-and-forth between Palm and Apple.

What's next for future iPhones?

Apple's iPhone has been the smartphone to beat for the past two years, but what does the company need to do to keep its position as leader of the pack?

Apple TV 3.0.1 update addresses disappearing content issue

Apple says users who've upgraded to the recently released Apple TV 3.0 software should download this update to prevent a problem where content temporarily disappears from the set-top box until it's resynced.

Update fixes iPhone sync problem with Windows 7 for some

A fix has been issued to repair a problem that prevented Windows 7 users from synching their iPhones.

iTunes 9.0.2 update blocks Palm Pre syncing, again

In a startling case of déjà vu, Apple's recent iTunes 9.0.2 update once again blocks the Palm Pre from syncing with the software. Then again, maybe it's not very startling at all.

iPhone Hints: Subscribed calendars on your iPhone

MobileMe users can sync their subscribed calendars from their Mac to their iPhone, but what about the rest of us?

Apple aims to sync movies among multiple devices

Apple has filed for a new patent that would help keep your place in a movie even while switching among multiple devices.

Lotus Domino adds native iPhone support

IBM's Lotus Domino 8.5.1 will natively support the iPhone with automatic e-mail, contact and calendar synchronization.