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iTunes: Time to right the syncing ship

iTunes is simultaneously Apple's most important and problematic product. It's a music and video player. It's a store, the gateway to buying music, videos, ringtones, and iOS apps. And of course, it's a syncing system, connecting to Apple devices from iPhone to iPod to Apple TV. Jason Snell thinks iTunes has gone too far.

Insync targets Dropbox with new file-syncing service

Insync opened to the public Friday, after 15 months in beta development. The service lets users save, share, and sync local document files between computer hard drives, utilizing Google Docs’s cloud to facilitate the syncing process.

Organize and play your media from a NAS

If you have multiple computers, iOS devices, and media players in your home, it's likely your media is a mess--scattered from one end of your home to the other. With the aid of a NAS and these tips, you can cull, organize, and play that content on any device you own.

Bugs & Fixes: Losing iWork documents in iCloud

Using iCloud to sync your iWork documents across all your devices generally works well when syncing among iOS devices. Syncing to and from Macs is another story, as Ted Landau details.

iTunes 10.5 helps you use iTunes less often

iTunes 10.5 is virtually unchanged from the outside. Rather than adornments and new media features, this version of iTunes focuses entirely on the cloud and iOS devices.

Up close with iOS 5: Wireless syncing and updating

One of the best parts of iOS 5 is that you no longer have to connect your device to your Mac or PC when you want to sync your information or download a subsequent software update. Here's how it works.

iCloud: Syncing

With iCloud, you’ll be able to wirelessly sync your contacts, calendars, mail, documents, photos, and more across all your devices.

Remains of the Day: Everything but the kitchen sync

Apple may be up for bringing back some of MobileMe's soon-to-be-discontinued features at a later date, if consumers barrage them with feedback. Elsewhere, a profile of Tim Cook's successor, an ultra luxury car with an Apple twist, and who made HTC the latest barometer of cool, anyway?

62 things you can do with Dropbox

We love Dropbox, the file-synchronizing service. We know Macworld readers do too. So a few months ago, we asked: How do you use Dropbox? We got more than 250 responses, then boiled those down to 62 unique ideas; here they are.

Tweet Marker shows Twitter client developers still innovating

Tweet Marker is a new service aimed at making your Twitter-reading experience seamless across platforms, and the latest version of The Iconfactory's Twitterrific is the first client to embrace it. But the service could have more far-reaching implications for the Twitter ecosystem.