Don't-Miss Stories

Friends syncs social networks with iPhone contacts

The market for iPhone apps that combine a user's social networks grew more crowded Wednesday with the debut of Friends, an offering from San Fransisco's Taptivate.

VoodooPad makes leap to iPhone and iPad

VoodooPad, a desktop program that lets users create personal wikis, has made its debut as an application for the iPhone and iPad.

ReaddleDocs gets two-way sync with Dropbox, iDisk

Readdle has released an update for ReaddleDocs for iPad, adding two-way sync with Dropbox and iDisk, as well as support for iOS 4.2's AirPrint and background transfer abilities.

Evernote 2.0 beta gets notebook sharing, Stacks

The "digital brain" for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and PC gets two much-requested and Mac-first features in a major new release: in-app notebook sharing and Stacks for organizing notebooks into folders.

2Do task manager gets MobileMe, background sync

A new version of the 2Do task manager allows the app to sync directly with MobileMe, no helper Mac app required. Improvements to other areas of sync and multitasking make this a handy update.

iOS 4.2: Ten features it still needs

Now that iOS 4.2 is out, we're lauding its many great features, but it's also time to take a look at its biggest omissions.

Gridiron Flow 2.0 Essentials emphasizes collaboration

Gridiron Flow 2.0 Essentials is an update of a highly praised project tracking system for Windows and Mac. The latest version emphasizes collaboration among far-flung team members.

Ecamm Network releases AirPrint bridge Printopia

Mac developer Ecamm Network has released Printopia, a system preference pane that enables AirPrint printing to Mac-shared printers, along with some other nifty features.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting MobileMe Calendar

Apple moved MobileMe Calendar out of beta last week, but after working with the software, Ted Landau thinks that might have been premature. He shares some tips from Apple before detailing his own experience with cloud-based calendaring.

Choosing between MobileMe and Google

MobileMe and Google offer similar capabilities, but which one is better? While there’s no single answer that’s right for everyone, Joe Kissel offers several factors to keep in mind when making your decision.