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Sync data using MobileMe or Google

As soon as your collection of Apple devices running OS X or iOS expands to two or more, the issue of syncing personal data is bound to come up. Joe Kissel looks at how to make it work with both Apple's $99-a-year MobileMe and Google's free services.

Choosing between MobileMe and Google

MobileMe and Google offer similar capabilities, but which one is better? While there’s no single answer that’s right for everyone, Joe Kissel offers several factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

New MobileMe Calendar now available to all subscribers

MobileMe's new Calendar system, which debuted as a beta in July, is now available to all subscribers of the service.

Windows Phone 7 sync software coming to Mac in 2010

Microsoft has announced that it will release OS X-compatible sync software for its newly-released mobile operating system.

Opinion: Apple needs an iTunes Server version

Kirk McElhearn discusses why Apple needs to build a server version of iTunes, and how it should work.

SugarSync introduces multi-user folder and file sync

This online storage, backup, and sharing service now allows users to not just share folders and files, but instantly sync them between all computers.

Xmarks browser sync starts pledge drive to stay alive

The Xmarks browser bookmark sync service is soliciting pledges from potential customers willing to pay at least $10 annually, saying that it will reconsider staying in business if it collects 100,000 promises.

Hog Bay releases PlainText for iPhone, iPad

Hog Bay Software has released PlainText 1.0, a slimmed down text editor with Dropbox support, for the iPhone and iPad.

Elements 1.1 update brings file management, search

A 1.1 update to iOS text editor Elements adds much requested features such as file deleting and renaming, sorting options, and search.

iHub Basic syncs contacts and calendars to iOS wirelessly

Nova Media's new iHub Basic can sync your calendars and contacts to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch wirelessly, on your local network.