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Opinion: The new iPad isn't so new after all

Why did Apple trot out the fourth-generation iPad, called the iPad with Retina display, only seven months since releasing the now-discontinued third-generation iPad? Tom Kaneshige of weighs in.

McAllen's Andrew Jackson Elementary student

iPads in education: Where's the money coming from?

With the launch of the iPad mini, some observers expect Apple's tablets to pour into schools. But in a time of recession-squeezed budgets, where will the money come from? Joel Mathis investigates how schools are finding funds.

iPhone jailbreaking still legal in US, but don't meddle with an iPad

Modifying Apple's iPhone software to install applications not approved by Apple will still be legal under new exemptions to take effect on Sunday in the U.S., but illegal for an iPad and other tablets.

Apple and its competitors: the circle game

Apple releases the genre-defining iPhone; competitors respond with smartphones with bigger screens. Apple releases the genre-defining iPad; competitors respond with tablets with smaller screens. Apple faces some fascinating competitors these days. Its response to those competitors is even more interesting.

The Macalope Daily: Lazy Pundits and the Temple of Doom

The "Apple is a religion" argument just gets dumber as time goes on.

Remains of the Day: In living color

Apple picking up talent on the cheap? Color me surprised. Elsewhere, the company legally has to admit that Samsung's tablets just aren't cool enough for school and those new desktop Macs might be almost the same as those old desktop Macs.

Digital Reading Room: Hail to the chiefs

Our regular look at content-rich tablet apps considers the campaign promises of two more presidential apps. And we drown out all this election talk with some iconic jazz music from the terrific Blue Note app for your iPad.


Ahead of iPad mini's expected debut, Sharp reveals 7-inch tablet with IGZO display

Sharp's new Aquos Pad has a 1280 x 800 IGZO display


Why an iPad Mini might be the right tablet for you

The iPad Mini is rumored to be imminent, and if it's anything like it's larger sibling it could be a game changer for the tablet market.



25 percent of adult Americans own a tablet, research reveals

Tablet sales are growing steadily, according to reports from the Pew Research Center's American Life Project. Ownership is up 6 percent since January, and most buyers are older than 30.