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Amoebattle for iPhone and iPad

This colorful real-time strategy game for Apple's iOS devices boasts a brisk challenge to match its enticing gameplay.

App Guide: iOS apps for the NFL season

The 2012 NFL season is underway, and these apps can keep you posted on all of the action happening at stadia from Seattle to Foxboro.

MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone

This single-task app can help you remember the birthdays of Facebook friends and other contacts, but that comes with the price of shameless self-promotion.

Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad

This iOS adaptation of the popular TV series offers compelling characters, unique worlds, and an interactive experience that's as intense as it is memorable.

App Guide: Obstacle course games for iOS

These iOS games -- like life -- throw up a lot of obstacles in your path. But getting around those obstacles is a lot more fun on your iPhone or iPad.

App Guide: iOS apps for moviegoers

From viewing trailers to securing tickets, these apps can make a night at the movies go much more smoothly.

Twist for iPhone

This free utility tracks your location and notifies the people waiting for you of your estimated arrival time. It's a great way to avoid sending redundant emails or texts and -- more importantly -- to avoid the temptation of texting or calling when you're driving.

Arms Cartel Global for iPhone

Instead of action, this massive online game gives you the chance to sit back and wait passively for things to transpire.

TechHive: In praise of Carcassonne

Dan Moren loves the mobile adaptation of the Carcassonne board game and explains why over at TechHive.

App Guide: College football apps for iOS

College football is back, and these iPhone and iPad apps can help you keep track of all the scores, news, and video highlights from your alma mater.