Don't-Miss Stories

Joy Factory styluses are solid, but not exceptional

The Joy Factory's two styluses, the Monet and the DaVinci, offer a taste of the range of nib styluses currently on the market. The Monet is an elongated model that excels for painting, but not much else; the DaVinci is a solid, all-purpose tool, but not the best available.

Hands on with Pris camera app for iOS

Pris is a new camera app for iOS, with a focus on composition and gestures. Senior editor Dan Moren takes a first look at the offering.

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint for iPhone and iPad

This unique combination of a billiards game and physics puzzler stands out in a crowded game section of the iOS App Store.

App Guide: Markdown-friendly iOS apps

If you rely on the Markdown markup language to get things done, these iPhone and iPad apps are worth a look.

WatchESPN for iPhone and iPad

This app from ESPN lets you watch live streaming video of sporting events and ESPN programming on your iPhone or iPad -- if you've got a strong enough Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

App Guide Console games that made the jump to iOS

These games may not have started out on the iOS platform, but now that they're in the App Store, they certainly have made themselves right at home.

Type on PDF and Type on PDF Pro for iPhone and iPad

Most iOS users will find Type on PDF and Type on PDF Pro to be missing easy-to-use features available in other apps. But both versions of the PDF creation app offer capabilities that could serve businesses well.

Codosaurus 1.3 for iPhone and iPad

We revisit the iPad and iPhone code editor after a recent update that takes some small steps forward and a big step backward.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Ergonomically correct

This week’s roundup of iOS devices is all about comfort. Sit down, and relax. You won’t have to reach too far to see your iPad, or get the music flowing.

Book Crawler for iPhone and iPad app

This universal app offers an excellent way to create and keep a database of your books, but only after you overcome the challenge of understanding how the app works.