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Hands on with Apple TV, Take Two

Apple's update to the Apple TV set-top box features numerous new features, including movie rentals and a revamped user interface. Christopher Breen has downloaded the update and has an in-depth look.

Apple TV 'Take Two' update now available

Apple TV's "Take Two" update, which adds support for iTunes Movie Rentals and other new features, is now available.

Apple: 'Another week or two' for Apple TV update

Apple isn't quite done with the recently-announced upgrade for Apple TV, and now expects to offering it "in another week or two."

The stuff dreams are made of

Weeks ago I imagined what an updated Apple TV might offer. Now that we know the details, where do my dreams and reality part company?

Why I finally took the Apple TV plunge

The Apple TV has been available since March 2007. But it took iTunes movie rentals and the promise of a forthcoming software update to convince Jonathan Seff to buy the device.

Gefen TV line debuts with 4-port HDMI switcher

Gefen is launching a new line of HDTV peripherals aimed at consumers.

Wrapping up Expo

Jason Snell takes a look at Macworld Expo's big announcements and tries to put them all in perspective.

First Look: iTunes Digital Copy

Movie rentals weren't the only digital-media news to come out of last week's Macworld Expo keynote. Apple and 20th Century Fox are collaborating on iTunes Digital Copy, a program where you get an iTunes-compatible version of a movie when your purchase the physical DVD. The program promises to save you the time and hassle of ripping DVDs yourself. Dan Frakes looks into whether it delivers.

PC World: Some things weren't in the air at Expo

Apple's tagline for the just-concluded Macworld Expo was "There's something in the air." But for everything that was "in the air" this past week, there were pre-show rumors that didn't pan out, products that didn't receive enough attention, and announcements ripe for second-guessing.

First Look: Apple TV, take two

Christopher Breen ponders Apple's decision to junk the old Apple TV software, admit it was a failure, and start again with new software and a new reason for being: movies.