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Analysis: MacBook Air, iTunes position Apple for big 2008

It was hard to tell from the cheers during Steve Jobs' keynote whether the MacBook Air or iTunes movie rental announcements made the bigger impression. Jim Dalrymple discovers that both developments put Apple in a strong position at the start of 2008.

Expo Daily Round-Up: The Keynote

In the first of our week-long Expo Daily Round-Ups, Rik Myslewski looks at the wide range of reactions to Steve Jobs' address to Expo attendees.

Time should be on our side with iTunes rentals

Rob Griffiths loves the idea of renting movies from iTunes so much, he's willing to pay more if Apple lets him keep watching beyond the current 24-hour limit.

iTunes movie rentals—almost there

Brian Chen was overjoyed by Apple's plan to offer movie rentals through iTunes—except for the illogical 30-day waiting period that exists between the DVD release and the time the movie will appear on iTunes.

Steve Jobs gets cohesive

From Rob Griffiths' seat at Moscone West, all the pieces of Tuesday's Macworld Expo keynote seemed to fit together.

Apple TV untethers from Mac, price dropped

Apple TV has been totally redesigned to operate as a standalone box, not as a device tethered to a Mac or PC and iTunes

Expo Keynote - Live Update

Here’s where you can get live coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 in San Francisco as it unfolds.

The future and Apple TV

Yesterday: MP3 players pre-iPod. Today: Video-on-demand pre-Apple TV 2.

2008 Predictions: Your turn

We've told you what we think might happen in 2008. Now here's what other readers had to say.

Netflix, LG plan to link TVs directly to Internet

LG Electronics and Netflix will work to develop a set-top box that can stream movies over the Internet directly onto a television screen.