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10 April Fools' tech gags so bizarre they might almost be true (but they aren't, sorry)

Most April Fools' Day jokes barely merit a groan, but these ten are worth a smile.


Report: Apple mulls licensing radio streaming service

Apple is considering licensing a custom radio streaming service similar to Pandora, according to a report in Thursday's Wall Street Journal.

The Macalope Weekly: Trying too hard

Seriously, pundits and analysts. You're going to rupture something carrying all that water for Apple's competitors.

The Macalope Weekly: Cherished delusions

Pundits think the craziest things! And could the iPad mini really be real?

iPad 3 launch event rumored for March

Reports on AllThingsD and The Loop suggest that Apple may be planning to launch the iPad 3 at a March event, which Dan Moren thinks lines up pretty well with the pattern to date.

iPad multitasking gestures axed for iOS 4.3

Apple's latest beta build of its upcoming iOS 4.3 includes a notice that previously-reported-on multitasking gestures for the iPad will not be enabled in the consumer-ready version of the new OS.

Behold, the $8 million iPhone 4

Stuart Hughes is offering a £5 million Apple iPhone 4 for sale -- that's $8 million in US dollars -- adorned with 500 individual flawless cut diamonds totaling 100 carats.

Analyst: Verizon iPhone on track for March 2011 debut

Citing sources among Asian parts suppliers, research analyst Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. claims Apple is on schedule to launch an iPhone capable of making calls on Verizon's network early next year, most likely in March 2011.

Electronic Arts, Namco hype Apple tablet to gamers

Electronic Arts, Namco and other leading games developers are already seeing the potential in an Apple tablet should the company unveil such a device on Wednesday.

Quick Draw? Publisher leaks Apple tablet details

A McGraw-Hill executive appearing on CNBC seemingly spilled the beans on what Apple plans to announce at Wednesday's product event.