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What might a tablet's home screen look like?

Rob Griffiths ponders what the home screen of a still-mythical Apple tablet device might look like.

Naming the Apple tablet

Everyone's speculating about the specs and capabilities of Apple's rumored tablet device. With an announcement all but confirmed for later this week, Dan Frakes is more interested in what it will be named.

The Macalope Weekly: Awwwwwwww freak out!

Everybody's freaking out over what Apple may announce next week. Unfortunately, freaking out rarely leads to calm, rational discourse. Which works out great for the Macalope.

An Apple tablet won't revolutionize gaming

Apple may have invited some game bloggers to its product event next week. But PC World's Matt Peckham isn't expecting anything major on the games front out of Cupertino.

The Macalope Weekly: Free Apple tablet!

Did the Macalope say free apple tablet? He meant Apple tablet-free, because this week's installment focuses on the Nexus One-iPhone battle that wasn't, PC market share numbers, and one writer's lonely campaign to paint Apple as the new Microsoft.

Apple's mythical tablet: the text's the thing

Rumors about Apple's forthcoming tablet device continue to swirl, but Dan Moren wonders specifically how you're going to enter text on it?

Four reasons Apple will launch a tablet in 2010

Computerworld talks to a pair of analysts about why an Apple-made tablet makes sense this time around

Jobs to unveil Apple tablet next month, ex-Google exec says

Google China president Kai-Fu Lee says that Steve Jobs plans to unveil Apple's much-hyped but still unconfirmed tablet device next month

Will we see the famed Apple tablet next month?

Apple has booked a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for late January. Could the mythical tablet be on the horizon?

The Macalope Weekly Special Edition: Apple's mythical tablet

Who better to contemplate a mythical device like the oft-rumored Apple tablet than a mythical beast like The Macalope?