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Innovation, apps provide winning mix at SXSW's Tech Cocktail event

A trio of startups stood out at the Tech Cocktail event during South by Southwest Interactive. And their apps and offerings will soon be coming to a mobile device near you.


Expo Notes: Givit video app adds still image embedding

The Givit video recording app for iOS launched new features at Macworld/iWorld this week.

Expo Notes: Glide gives videos the walkie-talkie treatment

Texts and videos are both great, and both limited. The mission of the guys at Glide is mix the two media into one, even better, form of communication.

Review: PulpMotion 3.5 sports an easy UI for making slideshows

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a slideshow is a great way to put pictures together to create a story. Aquafadas's PulpMotion aims to make this process simple, quick, and elegant.

Twitter launches Vine for sharing quick, looping videos

Twitter's new app, Vine, lets you record and share six-second videos.

Mac Gems: KidsMotion lets kids create fun, animated presentations

Paper, paste, and scissors are still fun, but KidsMotion lets your little ones build animated slideshows with minimal effort and parental frustration.

iOS app showdown: Video editors gone social

We put four video editing apps to the test.

Review: Edit and post iPhone videos with Givit

Givit's video-editing capabilities make it easy to share somewhat polished video creations with friends and family.

Review: Use Threadlife to create a collage of iPhone video clips

Threadlife lets you create a collage of your life in three-second bursts of video to form an impressionistic thread of the events of your life.

Review: Use Vyclone to make video collaborations with people around you

Vyclone is a nice little collaborative video-making app for iPhone, but you have almost zero control over who you collaborate with, which makes it an interesting social experience.