Don't-Miss Stories

'Mother' doll uses the Internet of Things to nag you's Mother doll connects to up to 24 programmable 'cookies' to alert you when certain conditions are met - or not.

Adventures in 3D printing

Interested in 3D printing? Albert Filice tells you about his experience building a 3D printer and talks about where the market for 3D printing is headed.

Japanese TV network shows off feelable haptic TV

Japan's public broadcaster opened the doors to its research center in Tokyo

Solar-powered aircraft takes off on coast-to-coast US flight

The Solar Impulse requires no fuel and is attempting to fly from Silicon Valley to New York.

Flexible, networked e-ink displays mimic physical documents

Just as you have multiple papers on your desk, a project called Paper Tab at the CHI conference in Paris has multiple, networked e-paper displays.

Slice wood with a laser pointer and an imagination

Using a laser pointer as a knife, a project at the Computer Human Interaction conference lets users make custom creations out of wood and plastic without spending hours designing.

Future of computer interaction on display in Paris

The Computer Human Interaction conference in Paris this week is offering a glimpse into the future of how we’ll all one day interact with machines.

Fly-by-brain with the mind-controlled helicopter

Forget the buttons and joysticks. A company has developed a mind-controlled robo-copter tha takes to the skies with just a little thought.

Better solar panels, batteries, inspired by toothpaste

At the Palo Alto Research Center in Silicon Valley, researchers are developing better solar panels and batteries.

BowBlade - iWorld 2013

The BowBlade is a bow-and-arrow exercise accessory where your iPhone replaces the arrows. It works with multiple iOS games and intends to turn exercise into entertainment.