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Starbucks can’t handle demand for free Wi-Fi

Starbucks’ Web site was overwhelmed with customers trying to sign up for a new program that will offer them some free Wi-Fi.

FCC considers offering spectrum for free wireless Internet

The FCC will soon vote on a proposal to auction more spectrum and require the winner to offer some free services.

SF’s BART in talks for full Wi-Fi rollout

The San Francisco area BART subway system is in talks with a startup for a systemwide public Wi-Fi network.

AT&T to complete 3G network by next month

AT&T says that it is on track to complete its 3G mobile broadband network by the end of June.

AT&T's laptop users get free Wi-Fi, but only on Windows

AT&T extended free access to its Wi-Fi Home package of U.S. hotspots to monthly, unmetered subscribers to its broadband subscribers -- but only via Windows software.

AT&T: With partners like this...

Some bungled announcements by AT&T have left iPhone users scratching their heads lately. And Philip Michaels wonders if executives at Apple are shaking theirs.

EarthLink to remove Philadelphia Wi-Fi

EarthLink said it will shut down its Philadelphia Wi-Fi network on June 12 and then dismantle it.

Cablevision plans Wi-Fi network in NYC

Cablevision announced plans to build a Wi-Fi network covering its footprint that will be accessible to its broadband customers.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi vanishes into thin air

The free Wi-Fi that Starbucks and AT&T were offering to iPhone users has disappeared as quickly (and quietly) as it came, and the reasons behind the departure are equally vague.

Starbucks rolling out free Wi-Fi for iPhones, slowly

Some iPhone users have reported that the newly launched AT&T hotspots are offering free Wi-Fi access to all iPhone users, as long as you have a valid iPhone phone number with the provider. Unfortunately, the situation is not quite as straightforward as one might hope.