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SF’s BART in talks for full Wi-Fi rollout

The San Francisco area BART subway system is in talks with a startup for a systemwide public Wi-Fi network.

AT&T to complete 3G network by next month

AT&T says that it is on track to complete its 3G mobile broadband network by the end of June.

AT&T's laptop users get free Wi-Fi, but only on Windows

AT&T extended free access to its Wi-Fi Home package of U.S. hotspots to monthly, unmetered subscribers to its broadband subscribers -- but only via Windows software.

AT&T: With partners like this...

Some bungled announcements by AT&T have left iPhone users scratching their heads lately. And Philip Michaels wonders if executives at Apple are shaking theirs.

EarthLink to remove Philadelphia Wi-Fi

EarthLink said it will shut down its Philadelphia Wi-Fi network on June 12 and then dismantle it.

Cablevision plans Wi-Fi network in NYC

Cablevision announced plans to build a Wi-Fi network covering its footprint that will be accessible to its broadband customers.

Starbucks free Wi-Fi vanishes into thin air

The free Wi-Fi that Starbucks and AT&T were offering to iPhone users has disappeared as quickly (and quietly) as it came, and the reasons behind the departure are equally vague.

Starbucks rolling out free Wi-Fi for iPhones, slowly

Some iPhone users have reported that the newly launched AT&T hotspots are offering free Wi-Fi access to all iPhone users, as long as you have a valid iPhone phone number with the provider. Unfortunately, the situation is not quite as straightforward as one might hope.

I spy

They're not so far apart, the James Bonds and Bruce Waynes of the world—they're two sides of the same coin. But regardless if you opt for the "heads" of government-sponsored espionage or the "tails" of vigilante-style street justice, you'll want to be well equipped.

Starbucks network switch has begun

Starbucks has begun converting the wireless service in its retail outlets to AT&T’s network.