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I spy

They're not so far apart, the James Bonds and Bruce Waynes of the world—they're two sides of the same coin. But regardless if you opt for the "heads" of government-sponsored espionage or the "tails" of vigilante-style street justice, you'll want to be well equipped.

Starbucks network switch has begun

Starbucks has begun converting the wireless service in its retail outlets to AT&T’s network.

Review: AirPort Express (802.11n) Base Station

If you don’t need the features unique to Apple’s AirPort Extreme Base Station, the new Express is an affordable and portable alternative with advantages of its own, although it doesn’t match the Extreme’s performance.

AirPort Extreme update improves Tiger Intel Macs

Apple has updated AirPort Extreme drivers for Intel-based Macs still running Mac OS X v10.4.

Getting a Mac to print on a wireless network

Network World’s Ron Nutter fields a small business networking question on including a printer in a wireless network.

Intel researchers stretch Wi-Fi to cover 60 miles

Intel recently demonstrated a modified 802.11 radio link with a data rate of around 6 Mbps and a range of more than 60 miles.

First Look: AirPort Express 802.11n Wi-Fi base station

Apple released an update Monday to an under-appreciated piece of hardware—its AirPort Express Base Station. Christopher Breen and Dan Frakes take a closer look at what’s changed with this updated mobile wireless device.

Integrating your media

Christopher Breen often talks about the wonders of wiring your home for media. In this video, he practices what he preaches by integrating his computer, audio gear, and media.

AirPort Utility 5.3.1 released

Apple has released an update to the software that controls its AirPort Express Base Station, AirPort Extreme Base Station and Time Capsule networking devices.

Airfoil 3.1

Looking for a way to get your Mac's audio to different parts of your house? Airfoil 3 can send any audio to any AirPort Express, Apple TV, or computer on your network.