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The Macalope Daily: Yes and no

Is Windows 8 just like XP? Kinda sorta but not exactly.

Researchers: Steam URL protocol can be abused to exploit game vulnerabilities

Attackers can trick gamers into opening malicious steam:// URLs that exploit security issues in games to execute malicious code.

The Macalope Daily: Trouble in paradise

Things are getting uncomfortable in the Windows 8 world.

Microsoft warns of Safari flaw for Windows users

Microsoft is warning that a recently reported Safari browser attack can be combined with another Windows flaw to run unauthorized code.

Windows 7 to have touch-screen interface

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system will have a touch-screen interface.

ADmitMac for CAC upgraded for Leopard

ADmitMac for CAC -- the DOD-certified version of the Windows domain security software for Mac -- gets a Leopard overhaul in version 2.0 and adds new features.

The 10 best games you won’t find on your Mac

Some computer games never appear on the Mac. Sometimes the game makers don’t think the limited Mac market is worth it. Other games depend so much on Windows-specific technologies that it’s not feasible to port them without major reengineering. Whatever the reason, here are Peter Cohen’s ten top reasons you might want to install Windows on your Mac.

Windows on Mac & DRM

This episode of the Macworld Podcast looks squarely at Apple but just a bit to the left and right of the Mac. To the left are Apple’s past and present digital rights management efforts. To the right, running Windows on the Mac.

More killer Windows programs

While Office 2007 is probably the top Windows app for Mac users, it’s not the only one you may want or need. Here are seven other reasons to install Windows on a Mac.

Microsoft Office: The killer Windows app

Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows is one of the most compelling reasons to run Windows on a Mac. “But wait,” you say. “Doesn’t Microsoft offer Office 2008 for the Mac? Why run the Windows version?” Simply put: because the Windows version can do some things the Mac version can’t.