Don't-Miss Stories

VMware Fusion enhances MacBook Air support

VMware has updated Fusion to improve support for the MacBook Air and has made other changes too.

Apple alters Windows software update tool

Apple’s Software Update for Windows users now separates updates to already installed programs from new offerings—an apparent response to criticism over the way it was pushing Safari to Windows users.

Ballmer: Vista is ‘a work in progress’

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits to partners at a Seattle event that there have been issues with Vista.

Windows and AirPort's Equivalent Network Password

Windows wants your AirPort base station's key code. Here's how to find it.

Parallels Server Beta 3 now available

Parallels Server beta 3 adds new features and functionality like integrated tools, an API and SDK, CLI and more.

Likewise opens Windows networks to Linux, Macs

Likewise Open Spring '08, released Tuesday, is the latest version of a product that allows Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix systems to authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory servers.

Parallels Server beta 2 is public

Parallels Server beta 2 is released as a public beta, so anyone can download it.

Print to Mac-connected printers from Windows

Learn how to easily print to a Mac-connected printer from real or virtual Windows machines.

PC World: MacBook Air runs Windows medium-fast

How does the MacBook Air compare to other ultraportables? To find out, PC World ran Windows on the Apple laptop using Boot Camp and compared the results to Windows-based machines.

One year after Mac hack contest, Linux and Vista may be tested

One year after sponsoring a controversial Mac hacking contest, CanSecWest promoters are looking to create a bigger spectacle.