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Apple can benefit from lukewarm Windows 8 reception

The tepid launch of Windows 8 and the reluctance of many to embrace the new OS could lead SMBs to switch to Mac OS X.


The Macalope Daily: Microsoft FTW

Microsoft always wins!

Firefox browser betas out for desktop, Android

Mozilla has released new beta versions of its Firefox browser, with an improved JavaScript engine for desktops, Retina display support for Macs, and optional search suggestions for Android.

The Macalope Daily: The long retail

Now who's got a retail problem?

The Macalope Daily: What fight are you watching?

The Wall Street Journal bends over backwards for Microsoft.

Adobe, now 'married' to Microsoft, moves Flash updates to Patch Tuesday

Adobe on Tuesday announced that it will pair future security updates for its popular Flash Player with Microsoft's Patch Tuesday schedule.


The Macalope Weekly: CEO chatter

Steve Ballmer! Jeff Bezos! Tim Cook! CEOs gone wild!

The Macalope Daily: Microsoft always wins

Because people say so.

The Macalope Daily: Review time

The Macalope reviews some pundit predictions and the results are about what you'd expect.

The Macalope Daily: CEO cage match!

Ballmer! Cook! No holds barred!