Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

Update to Microsoft’s flagship word processing application levels the playing field for Macs in business.

Elements 1.1 update brings file management, search

A 1.1 update to iOS text editor Elements adds much requested features such as file deleting and renaming, sorting options, and search.

Writer for iPad wants to focus on your writing

This new writing app has some unique features, such as a text focus mode and custom keyboard extensions for navigating text more quickly.

MacJournal for iPhone 1.1 gets organization, interface improvements

This writing and blogging client for iPhone and iPod touch gains new organization tools, easy bullet list formatting, a more streamlined sync process, iOS 4 support, and other perks.

Elements text editor for iPhone and iPad

This basic text editor has its share of foibles, but overall, it's a top-notch editing app with true support for Dropbox syncing.

Scrivener 2.0 preview shows off syncing, ePub export

The forthcoming 2.0 version of Literature and Latte's Scrivener writing software will add a number of new features and enhancements, including ePub export, sync with Simplenote, and a much-tweaked interface.

Microsoft previews more of Office 2011

Microsoft has posted a third behind-the-scenes video of its forthcoming Office for Mac 2011, showing off collaboration features, Web apps, a new scheduling assistant, and a presentation broadcast feature.

Poet's Pad helps unleash your inner poet

Poet's Pad, by Dante Varnado Moore, is an iPad app designed to let poets write, arrange, and store all of their creative writings and poetry concepts, while offering a few tools to help provide inspiration.

Office2 for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app offer good word processing and spreadsheet capabilities that really shine because of a link to cloud-based storage services. The iPad version of Office2 thrives on that device's larger screen, while the iPhone offering feels a little cramped.

CallitADay 2.2

Make a robust daily journal.