Don't-Miss Stories

MacJournal 5.1

If you want to organize and record your thoughts, have them all in one place, and keep them private, there's nothing better on the Mac than MacJournal.

MacSpeech Scribe transcribes your voice recordings

New software from MacSpeech transcribes your speech from recorded files, period.

More Gems I’m thankful for

Some Gems become such an integral part of your Mac’s day-to-day operation that you take them for granted. Dan Frakes revisits his Thanksgiving-day column to cover more Gems he’s thankful for.

Ulysses 2.0

The Soulmen’s Ulysses 2.0.4 writing app is dense, complex, and well-designed.

TextWrangler 3.1 adds new search tool

A new command-line search tool, FTP improvements, and more fixes are the stars of this upgrade to Bare Bones Software's free text editor.

Nisus Writer Pro 1.4

For an awful lot of users, including users with advanced document-production needs, Nisus Writer Pro is a solid and very satisfactory alternative to Word.

More Mac bundles for the masses

TheMacSale 2 and TheMacBundles offer their own respective bundles of Mac software for $50, but at what cost to developers?

MacHeist offers six Mac apps for free

MacHeist offers six Mac applications for free, in exchange for your email address. And no Twitter spamming this time, either.

Scrivener offers hefty NaNoWriMo discounts

To help you get through next month's National Novel Writing Month, Literature and Latte is offering some hefty discounts and an extended trial version of its novel-writing application Scrivener.

Mac novel-writing tools

In advance of National Novel Writing Month, Jason Snell shows you various Mac tools for writing, organizing, and focusing.