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Matt Gemmell has an excellent overview of iOS 7's design changes, and shares his thoughts about Apple's break from skeuomorphism.

Haswell: What Intel’s new processor promises for Mac users

Intel's Haswell processors are geared for better power management and graphics performance.

Why iOS 7 will kill some apps (and make others stronger)

Apple is upgrading many of its stock apps for iOS 7, which poses a bit of a challenge for some third-party app developers. Here are some apps that face competition from Apple itself.

12 things you may not have known about OS X Mavericks

Macworld did a little digging through the keynote and Apple's website to find 12 things you may not have heard about your Mac's next OS.

Craig Federighi

Apple's events move on, and so does the company

Steve Jobs has been off the stage for a while, but Jason Snell says that this was the first keynote to show that Apple has truly entered the post-Jobs era.

WWDC 2013: The Apple Design Award winners

This year’s Apple Design Awards winners are a good mix of fun and addictive games and productivity apps.

iOS 7, Mavericks, and more: Developers react to WWDC announcements

Developers, like the rest of us, are excited about Apple's big announcements from WWDC. But how will the changes in iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and the like affect their products (and their workloads)?

The new Mac Pro: Hands on, and what you need to know

We go inside the new Mac Pro with some hands-on time and answers to your questions.

Meet the new Apple, same as the old Apple

Apple announced a slew of new innovative products on Monday, after months of enduring criticism about everything from their capacity to innovate to their tax plans. But Dan Moren argues that the company hasn't really changed; it's all about perception.

Slideshow: Highlights from Apple’s WWDC keynote

There was plenty to talk about Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Here's a sampling of what Apple had to show off.