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Apple's security strategy: make it invisible

In its next-generation operating systems, Apple has found a way to combine good security with good user-interface design. Rich Mogull explains.

How 802.11ac networking boosts the MacBook Air's Wi-Fi performance

The new MacBook Air sports built-in compatibility with the newest draft networking standard, 802.11ac, an upgrade of the current 802.11n.

For OS X Mavericks, the best is yet to come

Not impressed by what we've seen so far in Apple's preview of OS X Mavericks? Don't panic. Associate editor Serenity Caldwell thinks the big wave is coming. We just haven't seen it yet.


WWDC: What we didn't see

Apple made a slew of exciting announcements at the WWDC keynote on Monday, and we've written about them at length. But what about the rumored and/or hoped-for features that didn't appear? Lex Friedman investigates.

The Macalope: So much wrong

How wrong can one pundit be? Turns out really wrong.

Catching up with developers: Paul Haddad of Tapbots

How might changes to iOS 7 affect the popular Twitter client Tweetbot? We asked Paul Haddad, lead developer for Tapbots.

First look: Hands-on with iOS 7

iOS 7 won't be out until the fall, but here's a look at some of the features you can expect to see when it arrives.

Paul Haddad on Tweetbot and Calcbot

We spotted Paul Haddad of Tapbots at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, so we asked him about two of his company's iOS offerings.

All grown up: iOS 7 is minimalistic, but we can handle it

Matt Gemmell has an excellent overview of iOS 7's design changes, and shares his thoughts about Apple's break from skeuomorphism.

Haswell: What Intel’s new processor promises for Mac users

Intel's Haswell processors are geared for better power management and graphics performance.

Why iOS 7 will kill some apps (and make others stronger)

Apple is upgrading many of its stock apps for iOS 7, which poses a bit of a challenge for some third-party app developers. Here are some apps that face competition from Apple itself.